Testimonials from Our Massage Clients

I was experiencing upper back and shoulder pain and was told by my doctor that it was a pinched nerve and there wasn’t much that could be done. Ann Murray came highly recommended by a friend that was suffering from similar symptoms. After several treatments with Ann, I am happy to report that I am pain free. I found Ann to be professional, warm and caring and I would recommend her to my friends and family.”
—Helen from Arlington
Ann Murray, Massage Therapist
When my massage therapist of 15 years moved away, I tried ten therapists and found Ann's massages to be the most like what my previous therapist had provided: excellent deep-tissue work on knotted-up points, combined with a superbly restorative full-body massage. Because I started weekly massage therapy about 25 years ago for chronic muscular tension and occasional spasms, I find Ann's specialized training in orthopedic massage to be highly beneficial. I have been her client for two years and will continue for many more, because she brilliantly alleviates my week's pains, kinks, and stresses. And, her massages keep me more released and relaxed during the following week.”
—Downing Cless, Arlington

I decided to speed up my recovery from a shoulder injury by trying massage therapy from Ann in parallel with Dr. Archambault’s chiropractic care. During my massage therapy sessions with Ann I felt at ease due to her great interpersonal skills and her excellent knowledge of the muscles and their function. Each session brought me noticeably closer to a full recovery. I can highly recommend Ann to anyone in a similar situation.”

I have been getting monthly massages from Ann for 3 years now. I have been to other massage therapists in the past, but have stuck with Ann. She is a warm, friendly, easy going, skilled massage therapist who is conveniently located in Arlington center. I have used massage therapy to help me relax and work out the “kinks” and tension particularly in my back and shoulders. I have a very demanding job and personal life, and my monthly massage is an important way I take care of myself. I feel very comfortable with Ann and have even recommended her to my husband!”
—BR from Concord

In May of 2005, I was in a car accident which damaged both my back and left shoulder severely. It was an extremely painful ordeal which resulted in months of intensive chiropractic and massage therapy sessions.

A major problem (in addition to my back) was my shoulder. After a period of treatment, it was clear straight forward massage therapy was not alleviating/resolving my shoulder issues as it was my back. Ann then suggested a different approach to address my shoulder. We began Orthopedic Massage sessions twice a week for my shoulder, which also included a daily exercise program for me to do.

It was through massage therapy and Annís work that my shoulder is problem free.”

—Jennifer Hanley

Thank you so much for helping me find a little bit of peace in my otherwise hectic life. As you know my girls (2 and 3 years old) were very sick and hospitalized this past spring. Shortly after, my husband was also hospitalized. Wedged in between was an out of town family wedding and that we were in! With all that going on I didnít even realize that when the dust settled I wasnít getting a good nights sleep. After my visit with you, I felt like a new person. It was the first time in months that I actually woke up feeling rested. The immediate feeling of relaxation is great but itís long term sense of ďbeing able to relaxĒ that helped me the most. I notice that I am not shrugging my shoulders in tension, my dinner seems to digest easier, and when I lay down at night, I am not wincing in pain! Thanks you so much for listening to my needs and giving me the perfect massage! I will be seeing you again soon,”
—Susan Brosnahan

Ann Murray without a doubt offers the best massage I have ever had among the many I have encountered through the years. I was thrilled to have found her. There is no distance to great to travel to experience one of her massages and how wonderful I know I will feel during and the days after the experience. I without reservation recommend her as one of the best there is!”
—Carol G. Boston, Massachusetts

Lower back (left side) discomfort has vanished with the daily a.m. exercise routine form my physician and massage therapy with Ann! A winning combination for comfort and relief.”
—Peg Callanan

I have reached a stage of life where exercise is necessary to stay healthy and sane, but my body responds to the wear and tear less generously than it used to. I have been working with Ann for 18 months now to heal the occasional effects of overly enthusiastic exercise (including a vicious month of back spasm). I have learned a great deal about my body and how it works form our sessions. They also provide a crucial incentive to keep exercising. Massage feels best when your muscles are exhausted from a good workout or bike ride. Annís massage keeps me exercising steadily.”
—Jud Harward

After going through breast cancer surgery I experienced a lot of pain in my back, shoulders and neck. A friend suggested I try massage therapy and gave me Annís contact information and highly recommended her services. In our initial meeting, Ann made sure she gathered as much history and background information on me as possible. In my opinion, this was the most important component of our visit. This is what sets a good, caring massage therapist apart from just a salon visit. I felt so comfortable talking with Ann and confident in her ability to treat my problem areas. I decided to see Ann on a steady schedule began to feel free of pain! I am doing great now and only have periodic back pain related to the everyday stress of life. I see Ann for her deep tissue massage that works the kinks out of my back, shoulders and neck like magic. I am very fortunate to have a personable, honest and compassionate massage therapist and would highly recommend Annís services to anyone in need of a professional massage.”
—Donna Markussen, Arlington, MA

I was living with constant pain in my neck & numbness in my fingers. I had to take Ibuprofen to get through every day. Since Ann has been coming to my office doing chair massage I am happy to say I am pain free and no longer need to take Ibuprofen. The numbness even went away in my fingers. Thank you Ann!”
—Denise, Small Business Owner

Being provided a chair massage at the workplace sends a message that the company is willing to take steps to take care of itís employees Ė the massage itself is wonderful Ė it feels really really good and does help with the aches and pains experienced from sitting and working at a computer so much of the day.”

For me, chair massage in the office is a great little 15-minute vacation. It relaxes me and helps me to ratchet down any fatigue or frustrations. It also helps to know that my employer is interested in helping me catch a break!”

Just 15 – 20 minutes in Ann’s chair gives me a chance to relax and switch gears. When I go back to my busy schedule, I am in a much calmer place!”

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